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Hello, Go fans,
As we all know, one of the best ways to improve your skill is to study professional games, but most of time the professional games we can get in hand don't have any comment. We are sure there are times when you are studying a pro game, you get very confused and can't understand, why Black/White suddenly resigned? is this a good or bad move? where Black/White made mistakes that cost him/her the game? etc. That's where we get the idea, how about pro commented pro games?
All the professional Go games on this site are commented by various professionals, only GoGameWorld.com members can view/download commented Go games, although the "guest" account allows non-members to view/download non-commentary game records. We will add several games per week, that means you can enjoy hundreds of new pro commented pro games in a year, and one year membership fee is only $30! We love Go and will try do our best! Please subscribe and become GoGameWorld.com member to view/download commented games, in a way to appreciate and support our service.
For a one year membership (Member Notes), you can send $30 using paypal. Please make sure you send an email to: admin@gogameworld.com with your favored username and password after sending the money! We will send you an email as soon as everything is ready for you.

Get your one year membership by clicking the "Pay Now" button below!

The best way to use the website and study a pro game is, first use our Go client to browse through the games quickly without looking at comments, keep asking yourself some questions like: where do I play next? why did he/she do that? then, you can slowly go over pro comments and find out some answers for your questions. We are sure pro comments will enlighten you and take you to a new playing level. Play through commented games with an open mind, absorb them and enjoy them. Go is an art not a science, it's like a beautiful music, a heartbreaking song and a nice picture. Sit down, relax and have fun !
Your support is greatly appreciated, and see you in the next Go tournament !
Member Notes:
  1. One year membership starts from the day you subscribe and expires on the same day next year. For now, any member can view/download all the previous games (all our Go game records are stored in standard sgf format) no matter when you subscribe, but this may change in a year or two in order to benefit members who have subscribed earlier.
  2. To download Go games, click on "More Games" on our home page, it will take you to GoGameWorld Game Board. On the far right side of each game row, there is a download icon, right click on the icon and select "Save Target As" (IE) or "Save Link As" (Netscape) to save game records.
  3. To protect our members, please be aware that all accounts are being monitored 24/7, your account and the commented games you may download are for your personal use only! sharing with other people or publishing in any format is strictly prohibited, we keep the right to disable any account at any time if we find it has been used illegally or misused in any form. We appreciate your cooperation!